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Beehive Distribution Program

More than 2,000 applications for free beehives have been submitted through the 2019 Beehive Distribution Program. The number of hives requested exceeds available funding for the program. Due to the overwhelming response and success of the program, VDACS is no longer accepting additional applications.

Effective July 1, 2018, the Beehive Distribution Program replaced the Beehive Grant Program (see Chapter 192 of Acts of Assembly). The Beehive Distribution Program (Program) provides beehive equipment directly to eligible individuals. Residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia who are 18 years of age or older at the time an application is submitted are eligible to receive up to three beehive units per year. Honey bees and equipment to manage beehives are not distributed through the Program. Individuals who submit an application for a beehive unit through the Program will be registered as a beekeeper with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Department).

Individuals interested in applying to receive beehive units through the Program should review the Program Guidelines. Application instructions are included in this document.  
Applications will be reviewed in the order in which each completed eligible application is submitted online to the Department. Paper applications are available upon request and entered online by Department staff on the applicant’s behalf. In the event funds have been exhausted and all beehive units distributed for the fiscal year (July 1 thru June 30), the Department will cease accepting applications and notify applicants. Applications from individuals who do not receive beehive units will not be carried forward to the next fiscal year.

Individuals receiving beehive units are encouraged to enter their apiary location in the BeeCheck mapping system.

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